What We Do

EzCOI makes Certificates of Insurance available to your Insureds, at no cost to them, 24-hours a day.

With EzCOI, our web-based service allows your Insured to enter the Certificate Holder name and address into their own, online Certificate template, anytime, day or night. As an Agent, you have complete control over which Certificate requests you personally approve for release, and those that can be released automatically. Released COIs are immediately delivered directly to your Insured's email.

The simple website also enables your Insured to request Additional Insured, Waiver of Subrogation, or any necessary wording to the Description/Special Items Section. In these cases, EzCOI notifies the Agent of a pending COI request that needs the Agent’s review. Once the Certificate is reviewed and approved by the Agent (or modified so it can be approved as required by the Agent), the COI is emailed to your Insured. Agents have complete control over ALL Certificates emailed to their Insureds.

EzCOI enables you to provide 24-7 COI service that enhances your client's experience while reducing your Agency's costs. For a low monthly fee of $39.99, you can deliver an unlimited number of Certificates while dramatically reducing personnel costs without expensive software to buy or maintain. Utilize the benefits for all your Insureds or just a handful of select Insureds who have high COI demands; all for the same, low monthly fee of $39.99!

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