How EzCOI Works

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How EzCOI Works

Need more information? Click here to view a simple user guide. Click here to Read the White Paper.

  • Agent signs up for the EzCOI Certificate delivery service, and logs into their account.
  • The Agent has complete control over which Insureds have access to the service, and complete control over which Certificates are released to Insureds.

  • Agent uses "Manage Certificates" page to preload COIs for their selected Named Insureds, leaving the Certificate Holder section blank. (There is an Overflow Page where the Agent can also add additional information or endorsements).

  • Agent invites Insureds to register on EzCOI using the "Welcome Email" feature that appears when a Named Insured is added by the Agent. The Insured is able to create their own login with the security token embedded in the Welcome Email they receive from the Agent; this security token is what links the Insured to the policy that the Agent controls. (The Agent can add, edit or remove access for any Insured through the Agent’s "Preferences" feature at any time).

  • When the Insured needs a basic Certificate, they no longer need to call the Agent’s office to ask for the COI. Instead, Insureds simply sign into their EzCOI account, access their preloaded COI (controlled by the Agent), and enter the Certificate Holder information. Based on the setting(s), chosen by the Agent, the completed COI is either emailed to the Agent for prior approval, or immediately emailed directly to the Insured.

  • If a Certificate needs Additional Insured or Waiver of Subrogation endorsements, or any language in the Description/Special Items Section, the Insured may request these changes by inputting them into the EzCOI template. In these cases, EzCOI holds the certificate and notifies the Agent of a pending COI request that requires review. Once the Certificate is reviewed, approved, or modified by the Agent, the Agent can release the COI to be emailed to the Insured.

  • Agents wanting even more control can set their EzCOI preferences to require that they be notified to approve ALL Certificates; even those that are merely having a Certificate Holder name and address being added. This process gives Agents complete control over Certificates emailed to their Insureds. (The same control as with a traditional, paper COI).

  • All completed COIs are archived for the Agent and Insured on EzCOI. Your Insured can reprint a copy whenever they like, without having to call your office.

  • There is no limit to the number of Insureds or the number of COIs that can be delivered. The same, low monthly fee applies regardless of how much the service is used by your Insureds.

  • Agents can also use EzCOI to complete and issue COIs themselves, anytime, from their office or from a mobile device.

  • This service is free for the Insured. The Agent just pays a low, fixed fee of $39.99 per month for unlimited usage by the Agent or their Insureds. There is no sign up fee and no contract. Try EzCOI Free For 10 Days!

  • Using EzCOI will dramatically reduce the time and effort your Agency spends issuing COIs. Industry experts have determined that it costs the average insurance Agency between $7.00 and $34.00 in lost time and productivity for each Certificate issued. Based on those findings, EzCOI pays for itself with just 1 to 4 uses per month.